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PythonNet Programming:
Contextual GUI Logical Designs for Beginners


PythonNet Programming:
Contextual GUI Logical Designs for Beginners

1st Edition
Author: Opubo G Benebo

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Publication Date:   July 23, 2021
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  Book Description
Python programming continues to be widely adopted, and is choice language for AI and Data science and some scientific computations. GUIs are often imperative in some such uses; and PythonNet Programming presents experiential software contextual GUI programming for fast-start.

Proffering structured GUI development based on real codes of software-GUI of a venture Startup, the PythonNet Programming is a gem of codes for helping the beginner GUI developer rapidly produce application user interfaces for tasks such as AI, Data Analytics, Engineering Computations, Big Data Analytics, and Clients of Client-Server, C-S, systems such as gRPC C-S and Socket C-S applications. The book is an expansive collection of Fast -Start example codes for some real immediate use for such contexts as dynamic data input into Listview, ComboBox, ListBox, Treeview and Directory Treeviews, amongst other specialized hybrid objects.

Book Details
Book:       PythonNet Programming: Contextual GUI Logics Designs for Beginners
Author:     Opubo G Benebo

Language: English

Publisher: Okumaye Publishing

Publisher: Okumaye Publishing
ISBN-13:   978-0-578-94310-7
ISBN-10:   N/A
LCCN:      N/A

Binding:       Paperback
Page Count: 220pages

Publication Date: July 23, 2021 

Dimension: 7 x 9.21
Weight: N/A
Shipping & Delivery:  Details

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