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Alexandria, VA; April 10, 2017
Expansion of Internet Book Stores

The Internet BookStores count was increased today with the opening of the accounts for such stores in the barnes and Noble Marketplace also an Internet Mall. The associated stores should come live presently after the company finalizes readying the stores. This is consistent with the general plans of Okumaye Publishing to open more such stores in the Markeplaces of Internet-presence-offering corporations. These stores are intended to further strengthen the Direct Distribution to Customer model by enabling the delivery its print media titles to customers wherever they may reside.

Alexandria, VA; March 23, 2017
Opening Internet Book Stores
The first of Internet Stores in Internet Malls also called Marketplaces was opened today. Okumaye Publishing opened the first store on the Amazon Markeplace and plans to be able to open more such stores in the Markeplaces of other Internet presence offering corporations. These stores are intended to further strengthen the Direct Distribution to Customer model by enabling the direct sales of its print media materials to customers relatively remote from the company.

Alexandria, VA; January 27, 2017
Direct Distribution to Customers
Effective this day, Okumaye Publishing put into implementation its new Business Model of Direct Distribution to Customer adopted at year end of 2016. By this model the company sells directly to both Public and College Libraries, to Research Laboratories, and the General Public at large through Internet sites. Accordingly the company also agreed to terminate the distribution relationship it had with Ingram Lightning Source.

Alexandria, VA; January 24, 2017
Books Warehouse Setup
As part of the effort to serve her customers promptly whether Direct-Sales Customers or Distributors, Okumaye Publishing has started to build up a Book warehouse commensurate with its list of published books, retaining on hand a certain minimum number of copies of each book through the continual re-supply by its back-office contract printer company.

Alexandria, VA. January 10, 2017
Software and User Manuals Publications
The company has assigned by Induss SoftWerks, LLC, the rights for the publishing (and hence the copyrights) of all software and User Manuals all software of Induss SoftWerks, LLC and with the manuals to be based on related manuscripts provided by technical Writers of Induss SoftWerks. Just as importantly, the company has the rights to also offer the manuals for sale independent of the packaging with software purchases from Induss SoftWerks, LLC.

Further, for the sake of differentiation of these products from regular books, the company will be publishing the manuals with UPC codes; and for consistency of product referencing, the Windows XP and 7 OS-versions of the software of Induss SoftWerks will also be released with UPC codes acquired from the company.

Alexandria, VA; December 9, 2016
Bona Fides Publishing Company

On this day, the company publishes its tenth (10th) book, and consequently becomes a bona fides Book Publishing Company; and as such, the company also starts the process of setting up to attract and contract other authors as to become the publisher of their  manuscripts. Being a Traditional Publishing company, the writers who become authors of the company shall not be paying any funds towards the publishing expenses.

Alexandria, VA; October 14, 2016
Software Manuals Authorship Alliance
In the first implementation of Authorship Alliance, Manuals for SoftWerksTM  and Open Source software are agreed to be prepared by staffs of EnKnow  and Induss SoftWerks as soon as practicable for publishing by the company. In another case, the company plans on securing copyrights of public domain manuals from the developers for publishing as books, though such acquisition would not come under the Authorship Alliance program.

Alexandria, VA; October 11, 2016
Secured Transaction with Merchant Services 
Purchases Transactions between this site and systems of Merchant Services selected for making payment are now secured with LetsEncrypt SSL, and so buyers can be assured their private data are secured during transmittance to the Merchant Services provider. The company o course plans on continual upgrading of the current payment process based on deployed Paypal payment method until a full fledged Shopping-Cart system currently under development is deployed for supporting simultaneous multiple purchases.

Alexandria, VA; October 3, 2016
Instituting BackOffice Books Printing 
In continuing drive to becoming self-contained company through gradual implementation of In-house business functions and as such limiting outsourcing of such activities, Okumaye has entered into arrangement with a Book Printing Shop to which is being consigned the Back-Office Book Printing Operations. The company considers this facility, which is additional to the provisioning of the same support by LightningSource of Ingram , as an important step towards improving efficiency in its book publishing activities consequent on the resulting division of labor. Of course, the company continues to exclusively consign the printing of its first ten (10) published books to the support of Lightning Source.

Alexandria, VA; September 26, 2016
Company Direct Sales of Books
Derivative of strategic growth and now on the threshold of becoming a small Traditional Publishing Company as should be upon publishing the tenth book, "Business Entities Venture Startups", due out presently, the company begins implementing Publisher Direct Sales of direct purchases from both this website and its direct Distribution Network being put together.

Alexandria, VA; August 22, 2016
Pre-release Discount Purchase Program will be instituted beginning September 1, 2016, and new book buyers can buy all new books included in the program, at 15% discount of the list price of the book, during a two-week period before the formal release. All purchases under the program must be made from this site and paid for through Paypal. The list price will be held fixed during the two-weeks period and is guaranteed not be lower after the release.

Alexandria, VA; July 22, 2013
Books print media publications of the company are now available for purchase through  online book sellers as Amazon and Barnes& Noble, and we are pleased to make our books available to the general public.

Alexandria, VA; June 24, 2013
We are pleased to announce that on this day, Okumaye Publishing Company, Inc, released its first publication for sales through various Marketing Channels. The premier release book is Designing Batch Fermentation Reactors: Design Basics by Opubo G Benebo; and we hope that our prospective readers enjoy the book and the rest that follow in the future.

Alexandria, VA; June 24, 2013
We are pleased to announce, Enhance Knowledge LLC has been engaged to provide software licences for a bundle software package that should enable us conduct both our Publishing and Business Operations.

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