Founding Business Entities, Third Edition continues to embody, as with the previous Editions, essentials to empower the entrepreneur to better plan for the starting and successful execution of business venture development, and as such still proffers the essential practical knowledge, including the innovative experiential concept-adoption Control Theoretic Management System and Capital Structures designs fundaments proffered for negotiating investments, required for successfully founding corporations. However, this Edition normalizes leveraging the resources establishing Commercial Viability for a Venture Development, as the foundational resources for constructing the Critical Mass and the inception of the processes of Founding Corporation. More specifically, this edition guides the Venture Development Strategic Planning for Founding Corporation and didactically proffers the restructuring of the Commercial Viability resources into the strategic organization, and consequentially, the didactic guides about developing the entity-specific Competitive Thrust based on the operational venture-specific Strategic Forces Model Planning.

In propagation, the organization design and staff allocation have been vastly rewritten for clarity as well as synchronization with Venture Startups. In so doing this Edition also essentially proffers a structured approach for Strategic Planning approach which a Business Owner may resolve to leverage existing business to Found Corporation for dividend stream upon retirement.  

Even then, Founding Business Entities, Third Edition aggregates the knowledge of Founding Corporations about three Business Entities Case-illustrations: Mortgage Origination Company, Pencil Manufacturing Company and Biofuel Process Company; and hence provides dedicated founding business entity template guides for entrepreneurial reference. Remarkably, each Case-illustration of Second Edition, Founding Business Entities also effectively proffers the contents for a Feasibility Report for the underlying venture.

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Book: Founding Business Entities: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Strategic Planning, Start-ups and Financing; 3rd Edition
Opubo G Benebo
Language: English

Publisher: Okumaye Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0-9889960-N-A
ISBN-10: 0-9889960-N-A

Binding:        Hardcover (Cloth on Board with dust-cover)
page Count:  N/A

Publish Date (estimated): July, 2018

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21
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